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11:32AM June 23, 2022

Melissa Conner

Any update on Birdie Lane in South Fulton, TN? Looks like we may be the only one on our street who hasn’t received a service drop at our address and we haven’t seen any contractors on Birdie Lane in over two weeks.

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1:44PM June 23, 2022

Sarah Williams
Hi, Melissa. I have taken a look at the whole street, and we have not actually gotten any service drops completed on this road. The locates have been called in to mark any other underground lines, and the orders have been given out to the crews, but none of them are in and ready to be spliced. We have crews working all throughout the zone on service drops and splicing, so it should not be long before those are in and completed. We are still estimating the majority of the zone to be finished by late summer. We appreciate your continued support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you!