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An Update on Gibson Connect

2:46PM June 06, 2018

We’ve been especially busy at Gibson EMC and at Gibson Connect preparing to provide you with access to high-speed internet service. This is something that we are committed to doing because access is vitally important to our members and to our communities.

It was just last July that our board voted to form Gibson Connect, Gibson EMC’s not-for-profit subsidiary.  In October we launched join.gibsonconnect.com, a place where members register and, based on meeting their zones’ participation requirements, guide the order of our fiber construction process.

In 2017 we applied for three Tennessee Broadband Grants and in January of this year we were notified that we had been approved for one that will help us serve Lake County and the far northwestern part of Obion County.

By February, three of our zones had met their participation goals and our board approved moving forward with the first phase of Gibson Connect’s construction project.  During Phase 1 we will build fiber to the three zones that first met their participation goals (Medina, Dyer and Three Way) and the zones covered by the grant (Tiptonville, Ridgely and Samburg).

In March, Gibson Connect purchased the LitePipe division of Jones Telecommunications and hired former owner Tony Jones.  Since that time, we have brought in additional Gibson Connect staff to help ensure we are well prepared to provide the internet service you need.

We’ve also ordered materials, sent out requests for proposals, done engineering and will begin construction this month. We hope to have Phase 1 completed and the engineering started for Phase II by the end of 2018 or by early 2019.  

Because of the magnitude of this project – in terms of the cost, the area to be covered and the work required, we must do the fiber buildout in a way that is financially prudent and physically manageable.  At best, this will be a multi-year project, but we will keep you informed all along the way.  We sincerely appreciate your support and ask for your continued patience. 

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