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Phase I Update

4:57PM January 30, 2019

Hi, everyone. Since we started Phase I construction last summer, we’ve had some major delays between the weather and contractors.  At this point we’re about five months behind where we had expected to be in the buildout for Medina and Three Way. We apologize that we are behind schedule. We completely understand the frustration with the delays.  We are frustrated with the delays too. 

We’ve worked through most of our engineering design problems and the process (of overhead construction, splicing, service drops and connections) is flowing much more smoothly now. These changes will enable us to have a more orderly and productive build moving forward.

In Medina and Three Way, we’ve completed almost all of the overhead middle-mile construction, but we still have a lot of splicing and service drops (both overhead and underground) to do. Unfortunately, the record-setting wet weather continues to delay work on underground service drops and there are a lot of these in Medina and Three Way. When our contractors cannot do work on underground service drops without causing undue damage to members’ yards, they are moving to places where they can do overhead service drops. 

Currently we are connecting about 40 members per week and we’re pushing our contractors to ramp up to about 80 connections per week. With the contractor adjustments we’ve made and some good weather, we expect to meet this goal of 80 connections per week by April 1.

We understand that our members want and need high-speed, fiber-based internet service as quickly as possible and we’re working very hard to provide it.  

Ultimately, we plan to provide access to all of our members who are eligible; but it is a huge project that will take five or more years to complete. It will take us longer than you’d like and longer than we’d like to provide this service to everyone, but we’re pushing the project forward as fast as we can. The end product will be a really good thing for our individual members and a game changer for our communities. We ask for your continued patience and support.

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