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4:09PM March 13, 2021

Jennifer Campbell

I am curious to why the woodland mills area is being connected prior to the newbern area when newbern reached their goal 3 months prior to woodland mills ? Any update on when newbern will be connected ? The estimate was by summer/fall of this year yet it states that it has not yet been initiated ?

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12:54PM March 15, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Jennifer. Yours is a good question. We are applying for grants at every opportunity to hold down the cost of the buildout for you and our other member-owners. We received a grant for the Woodland Mills area that required us to complete that work by a certain date. We know that you need our service and we expect the Newbern zone to be under construction by the beginning of July. Please keep in mind that there are variables like weather and staffing issues that could delay us, but we provide this essential service to you as quickly as we can. We are sorry for the wait and we look forward to serving you!