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4:25AM June 14, 2021

Samantha Sipes

My Husband and I have recently purchased a home. Our mailing address is Claude McKnight Rd., Newbern TN 38059 ( Newbern address). Our actual driveway is on Happy Hollow . We are Members of Gibson Electric. Our electric is with Gibson Co. As you can see it a little confusing , about my zone. Could you please help me figure out if we are eligible for Gibson County connect., and if so is there an estimated time frame. Thank you

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8:46AM June 14, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Samantha. If you would like to call us at 731.562.6000, we will be happy to verify your full address and look to see what zone you fall into. I don't want to provide you any misinformation just based on your mailing address, as the zones are determined by physical location. If you will reach out to us when you have a minute, we will be happy for provide the information you need regarding service with us and what that timeline looks like. Thank you for your interest in Gibson Connect!