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5:53PM July 02, 2021

Jennifer Campbell

We already have a box and our lines ran for service but no one has came to get us connected as of yet. We live at 301 Templeton Road Newbern Tn. Could you please provide a timeline on when we can get connected. Thanks so much !!

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12:47PM July 07, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Jennifer. We do have several crews working throughout the Newbern zone, however it will be a little longer before connections are ready to begin. We still have some construction to complete at the substation before connections are ready to begin. While we do not have a timeframe on this completion, it will most likely be a few more weeks due to material delays. However, we are still on track to have the registered members connected by the end of the year, or sooner, as we stated in our update earlier this year. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you, soon!