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2:35PM August 16, 2021

David Hendrix

When will they start hook ups for Sublett Rd? I should be in the Troy zone. I have noticed you have said other people that are near my residence are in the Rives/HopIn zone. The zone map is showing different.

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4:41PM August 16, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hey David. There are some roads around the Hop-In area that we will be building along with the area that was awarded grant funding. It does appear that Sublett Rd. is set to be included in this construction, however, I do not see your name specifically registered on that road. We are just in the beginning stages of work in the Hop-In area, so connections are still several weeks out. If you would like to call us at 731.562.6003 and ask to speak with me, Sarah Williams, I will be happy to provide you a better update once I know your specific address. Thank you for your support of Gibson Connect!