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10:40PM August 17, 2021

Eli McClanahan

I'm in the Kentucky rollout area, which has been put on hold due to our state's laxness in following through on legislation. I was curious if this news report indicated Gibson was now able to apply for ARPA funding? Link: https://www.kaco.org/articles/rfp-issued-by-state-to-access-funding-for-broadband/ There are multiple Kentucky programs now that have supposed funding vectors for broadband, so I'm uncertain which of these Gibson is waiting for in regards to the Fulton-Hickman area rollout.

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6:07PM August 18, 2021

Nick Gutierrez
Hi, Mr. McClanahan. We are applying for the 2021 Kentucky Broadband Deployment Fund Grant. The application period just opened on August 11 and the submission deadline is October 25, 2021. We are actively working on the application and look forward to when we can begin the buildout in Kentucky. We are sorry for the delay. We know you need high-speed internet access as soon as possible, but we also want to do the buildout as economically as we can. This is why we’ve applied for all available grant funding in Tennessee and why we’re applying for available grant funding in Kentucky. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.