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10:40PM August 26, 2021

Bill Dycus

What is included in the 250 mbps plan......meaning, is the modem included in that $49.99 price? If not, what is the monthly rental fee? Can I purchase my own modem as I have in the past with Spectrum? Are there any minimum requirements when purchasing a new modem for use on your system? Just trying to be prepared when installation happens. And while I'm at it, I might ask like everyone else.........how about an update on my installation? Thanks.

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8:32AM August 27, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Bill. Yes, the modem is included in the $49.95 monthly price. You can purchase your own device, however, we do recommend you using the one provided by us. The primary reasoning for that is so if your device has an issue, our team can go in and see what is going on; with a personal modem, we can only see part of the device and can't always solve an issue that may arise if we can't find it. I would be happy to get one of our team members to reach out to you to explain more about that if you wish. Regarding your installation, I see that your service drop has been run, but that the fiber still has to be spliced before the connection will be ready. Connections are expected to start within the next week or two, so it should not be much longer. Thank you for your continued support of Gibson Connect!