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7:08PM October 05, 2021

Mack P

Just wondering about the Fulton, KY zone. Back in June it was stated to make it more economical for the delay. I was wondering was that to make it cheaper or to keep it from being more expense? Because way back it was stated when you reached you goal you would be next in line after others whom reached their goal was completed. If the price was going to be the same regardless why was it stopped in Kentucky ? IF we had reached out goal 3 years ago would we not already have service our would it have been shut off??? VERY FRUSTRATED SUPPORTER OF GIBSON CONNECT!!!!!!!

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2:25PM October 06, 2021

Rita Alexander
Hi, Mack. I am very sorry for the delay. High speed broadband is important to our rural service area; and while the delay is frustrating to us all, obtaining the grant dollars to reduce the net cost to build the fiber network is also important as we work to keep our service cost low. Keeping the cost as low as possible is why we have applied for grant dollars whenever and wherever they have been available. We sincerely appreciate your patience and support and we look forward to serving you.