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1:10PM December 08, 2021

Amy Wright

I had someone show up unexpectedly yesterday to install a box. I wasn't even aware Troy was in the works yet. When will it be active? I haven't been finding information or updates anywhere, but I would assume that installation means soon? I also noticed my account says that I "ordered" 250 mbps internet, but I definitely want the 1 Gbps. Does that matter? It's been several years since I registered. I don't remember there being an option.

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4:52PM December 08, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Amy. Yes, the Troy zone has been under construction for a few weeks! As of now, we anticipate that the majority of the area will be completed by late winter 2022 (this coming January/February). And yes, you can definitely update your package preference; you can do this now by calling us at 731.562.6001, or you can wait until one of our team members reaches out to schedule your installation once it is ready. Either way, we will make sure you have the option that works best for you. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect, and look forward to serving you soon!