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11:15AM February 08, 2022

floyd rogers

How is it going. They have the fiber run toy house since around november. Did they forget me? I emailed you all but have not received a reply. I have been waiting for high speed internet on my road for 10 years.

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4:56PM February 08, 2022

Sarah Williams
Hi, Floyd. It should not be much longer. There was a section along Highway 216 that we had to completely build including new poles, electric service, and fiber service. The splicing was set to be completed by the end of last week, meaning that several locations in the Hop-In/Rives zone will now have light and be ready for connection. Once we have word that there is a light reading at your location, our team will be calling you to schedule your installation. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you, soon!