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10:09PM February 21, 2022

Otis Duck

Any update for my address please? I have wires spliced, just need an in home install. Thanks

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9:55AM February 23, 2022

Sarah Williams
Hi, Otis. We have several crews that are still working throughout the Troy zone, and there is still splicing to be done in the area. I do not show that we have received a light reading for your location at this time; the NID (small gray box) may be on the side of the home already, but if the fiber has not been spliced at the road, or if we have not received a light reading, we are not ready to connect it. As soon as we show there is light to your location, our team will give you a call to schedule the in-home install. We are working as quickly as we can, and also working to finish up the Hop-In/Rives zone, as well. We appreciate your continued support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you, soon!