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9:20PM May 13, 2022

Mack P

I believe Kentucky has passed with emergency status for rural internet. When that will happen and how much less will the cost be from Gibson's original quote???? Because it was posted by Gibson Connect even though Fulton Zone reached its required "subscribers" they stopped work for Kentucky ZONES to have a lower cost!!!!!! Since according to Gibson Connect the Fulton zone should already have their internet SERVICE !!!!!!

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9:20AM May 16, 2022

Sarah Williams
Mack, while high-speed broadband is essential to our rural service area, applying for grants and trying to reduce costs to our members is also important to us. We have applied for grant funding whenever possible. Following the announcement of the broadband grants in Kentucky, we felt that it was in our members' best interest to apply for and try to attain grant dollars for the buildout in our Kentucky area. At this time, we are awaiting results from the state before we move forward. We appreciate your patience and support, and we look forward to serving you.