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1:18PM June 27, 2023

Jennifer Grissom

Any new updates? ( 1201 State Route 239S, Fulton) the crews have been here 3-4 times and we had to tell them for the fourth time not to drive in our yard as they were driving over our septic field, and they drove over multiple hoses and broke a spray nozzle on one of the hoses. They told us that they were done with all the work in this area so they wouldn't need to come back. And that was nearly 2 weeks ago. Just waiting on install...??

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4:29PM June 27, 2023

Sarah Williams
Hi, Jennifer. I can see that your service drop has been placed, but the fiber has not yet been spliced. Once we receive a light reading from the crews that complete the splicing, we will call to schedule your installation. It should not be much longer! Thank you for your support of Gibson Connect!