5:21PM February 24, 2018

Bill Dycus

I understand from your 2/21 post the Medina, Dyer and Three Way will take a year or more to complete "Phase 1" consisting of designing, engineering and constructing 500 miles of fiber optic line. If phase 1 is for design, engineering and construction, is there a "Phase 2, Phase 3 and so on before a customer has internet service in their home? So, if it is going to take "a year or more" to complete 500 miles of line in those three zones, can we assume it will take 10 years or more to complete construction of all 27 zones. At my age I probably don't that many years left to wait on my zone to be completed. I'm sure others are as concerned as I am as to how long this entire project will take to complete. Comments????? Also, I stopped by the Trenton office recently to pick up some signs since I noticed NO SIGNS at all in the Newbern zone. Most everyone I talk to doesn't even know Gibson Connect exists. I think you're depending too much on word of mouth for your advertising.