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3:40PM September 14, 2023

Jennifer Grissom

1201 State Route 239S Fulton. It's been 3 months since we were waiting on the light reading and then installation. I have emailed and gotten zero response. I signed up for this in 2019! That's not a typo. We have been waiting for 4 years! In the meantime, people who signed up a few months ago are being connected. I'm not sure what the hold up is at this point, but this is extremely frustrating to say the least!

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10:15AM September 15, 2023

Dawn Jewell
Hi, Jennifer. I've checked on your location and we expect to have Gibson Connect service to your area by the end of October (absent weather or other delays beyond our control). We know you need this service and I'm sorry you've had to wait this long. Please know that we are working as quickly as we can to provide you and our other members access to our high-speed fiber based internet, phone and TV service. We should have access to all eligible Gibson EMC members by the end of this year. Thank you for your support of Gibson Connect and have a nice weekend!