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12:21PM September 28, 2023

Jennifer Grissom

Update on 1201 State Route 239S? Seems like we were made a priority... for a minute. It's strange how I was talking to someone at McDonald's about how yall were given federal and state GRANTS to provide people who DO NOT have access to good reliable internet, and here we are waiting 4 years, while towns like Fulton and union city have been hooked up for over a year now. And they had access to cable internet. People like me, don't have access to cable! My only option, literally, was Hughes net and after the Tornado, they hiked up their rates so we couldn't even afford it. And little did I know, there was a Gibson connect employee that was behind me in line and heard all of that and then magically, within a few days crews were at our house 3 times and we have the box on the back of our house! And then....? Nothing for almost a week now! Sure doesn't seem like the GRANTS were used the way they were supposed to be.

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3:34PM September 28, 2023

Taylor Catlett
Hi, Jennifer. We are very sorry for your wait. We know that internet is essential and we are doing our absolute best to get you and our other members service as quickly as possible. It has been a huge undertaking to provide high-speed, fiber-based internet service to our 12 counties, but we are almost there. We still expect to complete construction by the end of 2023. Crews have recently begun splicing in your area. In fact, your home, along with several of your neighbors, have just been spliced in the last two days. Our technical support staff has already completed a service order for your location and should be reaching out to schedule your install within the next few workdays. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to providing you service soon!