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10:33AM October 05, 2023

Jennifer Grissom

Update? 1201 state Route 239s. The box is on our house. What is left to do except set it up inside the house? Is been almost another week since you said a few business days? We barely get a decent cell signal. My daughter is supposed to be doing online school. Correct me if I'm wrong, but running a wire inside the house and bringing a modem/ router or whatever should not take this long. Our patience is wearing thin. 4 years! 4.years. I understand this takes time. But again, Union City did not NEED internet. They had cable. Forgive my frustration, but this all seems strange at this point. You managed to have crews here 3x in two days and had the box on our house. The crews said we would be connected by the end of last week.

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1:30PM October 05, 2023

Dawn Jewell
Hi, Jennifer. We’ve been unable to reach you at the number provided at registration. Will you please call us at 731-562-6001 and ask for Paige? She can help you get your installation scheduled. Thank you.