9:19PM March 16, 2018

Rita Alexander Admin

Glenn, I'm so sorry that we did not respond sooner. For the foreseeable future, we plan to continue using this website sign-up process so our members can guide the order of our fiber build out. We've just started Phase 1 with three zones that have hit their zones' participation goals and most of three more zones that are covered by the broadband grant. We want to encourage members to register at join.gibsonconnect.com because we hope to have other zones to hit their participation goals so we can begin engineering those areas as soon as we finish engineering Phase 1. Construction will work the same way; once we complete work on Phase 1, we hope to move right on to more zones in Phase 2. Of course, we plan to continue applying for grants to help with the build out too. Ultimately we plan to make high-speed, fiber-based service available to all of our members, but it will take a while. We really appreciate your patience and support! Please continue to encourage others to register!