11:39AM May 07, 2018

Rita Alexander Admin

Howard, first, thank you for registering for Gibson Connect! We hope to ultimately provide high-speed, fiber-based internet service to all of our members, but whether or not this is possible will depend upon the success of the program. We believe that enabling our members to guide our construction process is most fair and building first to the areas that demonstrate through their registrations that they plan to purchase the service will help ensure Gibson Connect’s success. Building fiber to the home is a huge undertaking and expenditure. We must do the buildout in a way that is financially prudent and physically manageable. We will have to do the buildout in phases and we hope to have the construction for Phase I completed and the engineering started for Phase II by the end of 2018. At best, this will be a multi-year project, but we will keep you informed all along the way. Please continue to encourage others to sign up so that your zone will be in line for a buildout sooner. We are working on scheduling an event in your area to encourage registrations. We also will continue to apply for grants in Kentucky and in Tennessee to help with the buildout. Again, we appreciate your support.