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5:03PM July 27, 2018

Rita Alexander Admin

Terry, you are correct in that the ONT has 4 Ethernet ports and it can be configured to provide WiFi for the home. We will coordinate the location of the ONT in the home to centralize its position and/or to be near your existing wireless router if you choose to use your own. If necessary, our install technicians can run a Ethernet cable between rooms but there is a fee for that service. You may run your own wiring if you desire. The reach of our WiFi from our ONT has been very good but it does depend on several variables so it will be best to test it as part of the install to see if it meets your needs or if you want to use your own. We will engineer the service drop to your home depending on your specific conditions and will bore the driveway if necessary. The ONT has POTS ports and these can be connected directly to a phone or to your home telephone wiring. We will coordinate this with you as part of the install. We look forward to serving you!