11:57AM November 30, 2018

Jenni Rachels Admin

Hello, Guy. We have already done some work in the Dyer zone. Our process works like this: First, our engineering consultant creates prints following a main feeder from our substation to your home or business. Next, our construction contractor takes the prints and builds out the fiber system along the main feeder. Then, our service drop contractor puts in the service drop from the road/street to the exterior of your home/business. Generally, if electric is overhead, the fiber is overhead; if electric is underground, the fiber is underground. Finally, we contact you to schedule your home’s or business’s installation and our installation technicians (some Gibson Connect employees and some contractor employees) perform the installation. Unfortunately, I cannot provide specifics about when we’ll be able to get service to you. As you’re probably aware, we’ve had some delays due to problems with a former engineering consultant and we don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. We are doing aerial construction, but it will be a while before we begin installations in the Dyer zone. We will contact you as soon as your home is ready for installation. We also will share more detailed information as we get it. We appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please know that we are working diligently to you service as quickly as possible. It will be well worth the wait!