1:52PM November 30, 2018

Jenni Rachels Admin

Hello, John. I can hardly wait to be connected too. We appreciate your willingness to help, but we will have to hook you up. You’re on feeder/circuit 344. At this point, we’ve done engineering and main line construction on your circuit. With network experience, I’m sure you understand that weather is also a factor. This has slowed down our ability to do service drops for members who have underground electric service. We certainly want to be sure we take care of your and our other members’ property. Also, our contractors have hired subcontracting work to help us make progress as quickly as possible. You’re correct that we did purchase a division of Jones Telecommunications (LitePipe) and Tony Jones, former owner is now working for Gibson Connect serving business members. If you’d like to speak with someone, please just call 855-4660 and ask for Jenni Lynn. I’ll take down your contact information and ask someone in the Gibson Connect operations group to give you a call.