2:11PM November 30, 2018

Jenni Rachels Admin

Hi, Fancher. As you may know, we unfortunately had some problems with our former engineering consulting firm. These problems led to delays with our contractors (construction, service drop and installation) and pushed us into a rainy fall. Ultimately, we had to change our engineering consultant. The good news is that we have now begun to move faster. We’re taking each feeder/circuit and starting at the substation, we are working our way through the engineering, construction, service drops and installations. In the Medina zone we are working from the Mt. Zion substation and we have 5 feeders/circuits (314, 324, 334, 344, and 354). We currently have most of the overhead completed and underground is under construction on feeder 314. We also have most of the overhead completed on feeders 324 and 334. Overhead work on feeder 344 in Medina has been completed, and installations are currently underway on feeder 354. While we are trying to complete each phase of the build in each circuit, weather is also a factor. For example, if a member’s service drop (from street/road to home/business) is underground, we are only able to proceed when the weather and ground conditions allow. We will call you to schedule an in-home evaluation when your home is ready to be connected. Please know that we’re working to get you connected as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you!