8:39AM November 19, 2019

Jenni Rachels Admin

My apologies, Michael. We have begun engineering in the Trenton South zone. We expect construction and service drops to begin this month and splicing to follow in December or January. Other work in the “Steps to Buildout” will be completed as resources become available. 1. We begin with contractors doing the engineering design. 2. Once the design is completed, the contractor builds the primary fiber lines along our primary electric lines. 3. Next, the contractor will begin the splicing process to direct the primary fiber communication path back to the substation. 4. During this time, service drops from the street/road to the home will be constructed. 5. The contractor or a Gibson Connect employee will then perform additional splicing to direct the fiber communication path to the home, attach a network interface device (NID) to the home and test it to ensure the fiber is ready for installation. 6. Once it tests ready, we will call you to schedule your in-home installation. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion and appreciate your interest.