9:46PM February 22, 2020

David Hendrix

I live in the Troy zone on Sublett Rd. The internet here is terrible. Will the Re Connect loan be used for this area?

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10:00AM February 24, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, David. Funds from the ReConnect loan will be used to build parts of the Troy zone that are considered to have very limited access. The eligibility of areas in which we can utilize ReConnect loan funds comes from information that was provided from FCC map data. As the rules for the program were written, very limited access means areas that have connection speeds that are less than 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up. The areas are grouped according to US Census Blocks, which differ in both size and location. Gibson will use ReConnect loan funds to build the fiber network in eligible parts of the Troy zone, and we will build the other areas of the zone at the same time using other funding. In short, the Troy Zone will be constructed as one large project using multiple funding sources.