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4:08PM April 17, 2020

Sarah Williams Admin

Hi, Danny. Unfortunately we do not have a specific timeline in place for the Woodland Mills zone right now. We are in the second year of our five year buildout, and we have not yet begun the process of looking into Phase III, which is anticipated to begin in 2021. As it stands currently, the Woodland Mills zone is at 85% of its goal with 74 more signatures needed. Our board of trustees will have to vote on and approve which zones will be included in the Phase III buildout, but we are hopeful that Woodland Mills will be a part of it. Please help us continue to spread the word and encourage your friends and family to sign up if they have not. We will post updates to this site and www.gibsonconnect.com as they become available. We appreciate your support, and look forward to providing this service to the Woodland Mills area!