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11:30AM April 27, 2020

Sarah Williams Admin

Hi, Tim. We have begun step two of the buildout process in Gadsden, which is construction of the fiber network. The engineering design for the area is complete, and we now have crews actively working on construction; in fact you have likely seen the work in progress. Next, we will begin placing service drops and splicing the fiber lines. Absent any unexpected delays, we are anticipating the first connections to begin in June. Please help us spread the word and encourage your neighbors to sign up for service as it helps the process if locations have registered prior to constructing service drops. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect, and we look forward to serving you!

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9:30PM June 03, 2020

Tim " Ozzy" Czernik Admin
I don't know if you know where I live, I'm technically 2-21/2 miles out from HUMBOLDT as well as 2-21/2 miles out from GADSDEN... the electric power line ends at our house, after it runs DOWN from upper TOM DUNLAP ACROSS A FARMLAND FIELD QUITE A WAYS. When I read GADSDEN or HUMBOLDT... I can't help but wonder WHERE "I" STAND. THANK YOU.