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10:38AM June 17, 2020

Rita Alexander Admin

Hi, Dennis. We are actively seeking and applying for grants and low-interest loans in an effort to hold down costs and provide broadband access in the most affordable way possible. Grants are only available in unserved or very under-served areas. The order of our buildout is being driven by our members through registrations on this site and by grant awards. The exception is that when we're building in an area partially covered by a grant, we build to the remainder of that zone. We do this because it makes the most sense from an engineering perspective. We've taken the member-driven and grant-based approach in an effort to be fair and cost-conscious. We are sorry that your area has not yet been served. We know there is a great need and we ultimately hope to make high-speed, fiber-based internet service available to members Rives and all other eligible members. Thank you for supporting Gibson Connect!