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9:58PM June 28, 2020

Bill Dycus

Rita Alexander, On May 23 I asked what zones would be included in the Phase 3 buildout. You replied " We'll know more about Phase III after the FCC meeting on June 9 and we will share that information with you then." Do you have an update for us in the Newbern zone? Also, someone from the Obion zone asked on June 22 how long it would be until they got service. The response she got was "We have not yet started construction in the Obion zone. It will be the last zone constructed as a part of the Phase II buildout, and it will be late fall when that takes place. We are actively constructing in four other zones at the present time, and we will have crews begin work in Hornbeak, followed by Obion, in the coming months." So if Obion is going to last zone in Phase 2, where does that leave Newbern? I could be mistaken, but I believe Newbern accomplished its goal before Obion. If you are not constructing in the order the zones accomplished their goals, what was the point in having all the zones competing against each other???