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10:08AM June 29, 2020

Rita Alexander Admin

Good morning, Bill. Newbern is part of Phase III. We’re continuing to use a combination approach that is member-, ReConnect loan- and grant-driven to determine the order of our buildout. The Obion zone will be built before the Newbern zone because we applied for and received a grant for the Obion area; and the grant has time limits that we must meet. Of the zones that reached their participation goals, we’ll be building these in the order the goals were met - first Rutherford, next Kenton and then Newbern. We will include additional zones in our Phase III buildout and plan to communicate details soon. We are applying for and incorporating grants/loans that include time requirements in order to keep construction costs as low as possible and provide this essential service more affordably to you and our other members. At this time, we expect that work will be completed for Newbern in 2021. As we know more about timing we’ll provide updates. Thank you for your patience and for supporting Gibson Connect, Bill!