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8:55AM July 02, 2020

Sarah Williams Admin

Hi, Kristen. Crews in the Gadsden zone have progressed significantly in the last several weeks, and we anticipate to see connections beginning within the next week in the area. For your address specifically, I do not have a timeline or timeframe that we can provide you for your installation at this point. The crews are continuing to work on placing service drops, and yours is showing under construction, but not completed. You have an underground service, and due to the very large amounts of rain we have seen in the last two days, that could slow the completion of the drop just a little bit. Once your service drop has been completed, we still have to splice the fiber to get it ready for connection to the home. We understand this is a service that many members are in need of, and we are working as quickly as possible to provide it. Unexpected delays, such as the weather, continually play a role in our ability to construct a zone. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect, and look forward to serving you, soon!