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8:46AM July 14, 2020

Sarah Williams Admin

Hi, Tim. I apologize for the delay in responding as I have been out of the office for a few days. I have checked your address and it has not yet been spliced. Crews are working as quickly as possible, and we anticipate connections to begin in the next couple of weeks. I do not have a specific timeframe on your home, but we will call you as soon as we have been notified that it is ready for installation. Thank you for your support of Gibson Connect!

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6:50AM July 15, 2020

Tim " Ozzy" Czernik Admin
THANK YOU, My WIFE & I are hoping to NOT HAVE TO pay the VERY HIGH monthly amount HUGHESNET charges! The SOONER WE can get GIBSON CONNECT... the GREATER WE'LL BE! (AND not be so BROKE LOL)