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2:57PM September 10, 2020

Dianna Gammons

I'm Dianna Gammons and I'd like to know when will I be able to connect on Cloys Road, Union City, TN 38261? I'm in the Woodland Zone.

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5:01PM September 10, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, Dianna. The Woodland Mills zone is now under construction and members in this zone should be connected by the end of this year. Gibson EMC was recently awarded three grants through the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund, developed using a portion of resources allocated to Tennessee through the Coronavirus Relief fund. Two of the grants will provide 80 percent funding to Gibson EMC for the construction of a broadband infrastructure network in the Woodland Mills zone and parts of the Hornbeak zone. Due to stipulations of the grant, the members in this area will be connected quicker than anticipated. At this time, we do not have a specific timeline for individual addresses, but will be working and visible in the area. We will call to notify you when your address is readied for service. Thank you for your continued support of Gibson Connect!