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4:47PM September 15, 2020

Jeremy Roney

Will the Troy zone been on the grant as well or just Woodland? We live on Beech Chapel road, Union City and are close to the Woodland zone but we are in the Troy zone.

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4:18PM September 16, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, Jeremy. The Troy zone is not a part of the grant area that was awarded from the state; that was for Woodland Mills and part of the Hornbeak zone. The Troy zone will be included as a part of our Phase III buildout which we anticipate will begin at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. At this time, we estimate that construction will begin in the Troy zone during the summer. Of course, there are several factors that could impact this timeframe, but as of now we are hopeful to begin work around that time. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you!