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12:59PM October 05, 2020

Pamela Tilley

My current internet service contract is ending, and Gibson connect is not yet available. I would like to have an estimate as to when it will be available, so I will know how long to be in a contract with my current supplier.

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4:17PM October 05, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, Pam. The Rutherford zone is the first zone that will be constructed as a part of the Phase III buildout. At this time, our best estimate for when we expect to begin connecting members in the Rutherford zone is late winter or early spring of 2021. Please understand, however, that that there are many variables that can impact the progress of our work and cause delays. Things such as weather, contractor staffing issues, and equipment delays can push that estimate back. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect and look forward to serving you and the Rutherford community, soon!