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3:01AM October 13, 2020

Austin Gullett

How reliable is the new fiber internet service? Will I reliably get 1000mbps up and down? I have had some issues with the current ISP in Three Way.

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10:38AM October 13, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, Austin. Gibson Connect service is very reliable because it is fiber based. The path to transport service has a high capacity to supply reliable levels of service to members’ homes. Members who choose to purchase our 1 GIG package will reliably see around 930 mbps up and down on Ethernet connected devices across our network. The service we provide is reliable only so far as our network; meaning, if a member is experiencing issues with speed on a streaming app or website, that does not mean it is because your service with Gibson Connect has an issue, but could be an issue with the other provider. What happens on the other end is beyond our control. Another example of issues with reliability could be the age and type of device(s) that are being used in the home, and how many are being utilized at the same time. If multiple devices are working simultaneously, that can slow down speeds slightly. We hope this answers the questions that you have, and if you are interested in signing up with us, we would encourage you to try Gibson Connect and see how you like it. There is no up-front cost and no contract, so if you were unhappy with the level of service and reliability you are not locked-in to a set term with us. We appreciate your support of Gibson Connect!