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2:37PM December 04, 2020

David Parks

I have had lots of activity in my neighborhood in the past but never did get an overhead line to the utility pole that my neighbor and I will be using to service us. I do have an underground conduit from that pole to my house. I had a man show up about 3 weeks ago to mount the box on the house but then he abruptly left, I suppose because there was no cable run. I just don't won't to be delayed with installation.

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8:31AM December 07, 2020

Sarah Williams
Hi, David. We have contractors working on several different steps all throughout the Woodland Mills zone, including crews going ahead and placing the NID on the side of the home, even if the service drop has not yet been completed. I can see that your service drop has not yet been placed, so they are not yet ready to splice the fiber. Crews are working as quickly as they can to complete the majority of the Woodland Mills zone by the end of the year, so it should not be too much longer. Please continue to be patient with us as we work to connect as many members as possible. Thank you for your support of Gibson Connect.