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1:57PM January 06, 2021

Ricky Horton

Any update on the Walter Whipple Road lines. They have run lines down Walter Whipple Road and have run a drop to my utility pole. Looks like they have made the splice at the road. They have also sprayed markings on the ground before they dig. My utilities are underground. I have not seen anyone working this area for a couple of weeks now. I thought we were to be connected before the end of 2020. When can we expect to be connected and in service.

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9:07AM January 07, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Ricky. It appears that the service drop to your home has not yet been placed, which is why the markings are on the ground. Your service will be underground, so once they have completed your drop, they will be able to get the fiber spliced at the home and you will be ready for connection. We were hopeful to have the majority of the area connected prior to the end of 2020, and we do, but there are still members we are working to connect. We are doing a second pass through of the area currently, to finish up the locations that are still awaiting service. It should not be much longer, at all!