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1:53PM January 07, 2021

Jason Moss

Any idea when they will complete the home instillations on hwy 157? at walnut log. the box on the house was installed right before Christmas, but have not recived a call yet to complete it inside the house. or do I need to call to set up a time

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3:45PM January 07, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Jason. We are are currently doing a second pass through the Woodland Mills zone to complete the remaining members that have not yet been connected. I see that your service drop has been completed, but the fiber still needs to be spliced before your installation will be ready. Crews are still active all throughout the area working, so it should not be long before you are ready for connection. Once we receive word that the splicing has been done and everything is ready, our team will reach out to you to schedule your installation. We appreciate your support, and look forward to serving you, soon!