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3:15PM January 26, 2021

Shannon McGee

I'm outside Woodland Mills toward Hickman and my neighbor is already hooked up, so I was wondering how long it would be before mine is hooked up? They already got a light signal reading so I'm waiting for the next step!

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8:38AM January 27, 2021

Sarah Williams
Hi, Shannon. I do see that we have received the light reading for you location, so you are ready to be connected! Our team has been working as quickly as possible to get those calls out, but it usually takes a few days after it has been turned into us to get the install scheduled. If you would like to call in and try to go ahead to get on the schedule knowing that you are ready, please call 731.562.6001 and one of our team members will be glad to get that pulled in and ready. Thank you for being a Gibson Connect supporter!