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12:58AM February 04, 2021

Bill Dycus

I have noticed that some zones that finished their registrations after Newbern are getting service before Newbern. So where exactly does Newbern fall in the line? We can't assume that just because we fall next in line on the list that we will be next to get service, right? Just trying to figure out where we stand.....

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9:57AM February 04, 2021

Sarah Williams
First, thank you for registering for Gibson Connect’s service and for your question. The order in which zones meet their participation goals is still important to the order of our broadband buildout, but there are other factors, such as grant requirements, as well as engineering considerations and available resources that also are influencing the order of construction. We are aggressively applying for grants at every opportunity to help hold down our costs. The buildout is an enormous, time-intensive and costly project, so we are taking advantage of every option available to control our costs and build our broadband network as affordably as possible. These grants have various requirements including time frames within which certain areas must be built. Also, there are engineering and resource considerations that can affect the order of our build. We are managing all of these pieces of the puzzle to most economically and efficiently complete the fiber network buildout. Ultimately, we plan to provide access to all our members who are eligible. At this point, our best estimate for completion is mid-2023; but we know that you and our other members need this essential service ASAP and we are pushing the project forward as fast as we can. We are working on updates to our registrants now and will provide you with more information soon. Please watch your email for the update. Thank you for your continued support of Gibson Connect!