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1:45PM February 04, 2021

Bill Dycus

Sarah, Thanks for the reply, but is it possible to tell the Newbern registrants some sort estimated timetable for the Newbern zone? Surely we are not looking at mid-2023......you may have run my line 6 feet underground if that's the case.

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8:01AM February 05, 2021

Joseph Smith
The timeline seems to be getting pushed back ( obviously a lot of things factor into that) . I was originally told that Newbern would be installed in the fall of this year. That was just a month or two ago. Now they're saying end of year. Looks like it's going to be a while. And it does seem newbern got jumped on the priority list (I'm sure a lot of factors there as well). Not complaining just speculating and dreaming of one day having modern internet.....

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2:08PM February 04, 2021

Rita Alexander
Hi, Bill, we're working on an email update to you and our other registrants. Our plan, if all goes well, is to get Newbern connected by the end of this year or the first part of 2022. Please keep in mind, however, that the weather, the pandemic, and other factors could cause delays. We are moving as quickly as we can, so please continue to be patient with us. You will love the service when we can get you connected.