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3:19PM February 08, 2021

Ken Morris

I am also curious about the time-line for the Troy zone. I completely understand the reason behind the participation goals and using that as a guide to decide the order of build-outs. It appears that most zones have reached the goals needed and those zone that have not yet reached the goal are very close to doing so. I signed up for this back in 2017 and I had hoped that by now we would be much closer to having this service than we are. Troy reached its goal in July of 2020, same time as Woodland Mills - but Woodland Mills zone is nearing completion and Troy zone (according to this website) hasn't even been scheduled for engineering yet. I understand this is a MAJOR project and very expensive I am sure. I am no rocket scientist, but in my feeble opinion - the faster folks are hooked up, the faster Gibson Connect can start getting a return on the investment. I also fully believe that once service is available in an area, households that might not have signed up for the service initially will get on board with the service from Gibson Connect and therefore boost the investment return. My point being - maybe additional contractors to get this completed faster could not only get the build-out done, but allow Gibson Connect to start recouping costs faster.

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5:25PM February 08, 2021

Rita Alexander
Hi, Ken. We plan to begin work in the Troy Zone early fall. As we pass homes and businesses we will connect them. We expect to have registered members connected by late spring of 2022. We have applied for available grants to help hold down the cost of the fiber network buildout. We were awarded a grant for the Woodland Mills area that required it be completed before the end of 2020. We did bring in extra contractors to help with this work. In fact, we regularly bring in additional contractors as personnel and materials are available. However, we only want to bring in contractors that will do quality work. We agree that it is to everyone’s advantage that we complete the buildout and provide this important service as quickly as possible. Please know that we are doing our absolute best to push the project forward. Please continue to be patient; it will be well worth the wait.