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First Milestone

11:34AM October 12, 2017

Hurray! Yesterday we reached our first Gibson Connect milestone when all of our 27 Gibson Connect zones showed participation levels.  We launched Gibson Connect at our first Gibson EMC Member Appreciation Event in Trenton. 

At this moment, our two Trenton zones are leading the pack; the Trenton South zone is already at 15% of its goal and the Trenton North zone is at 14%.  The Medina and Dyer zones are not far behind at 11% to goal. Next are the Newbern and Hornbeak zones at 8% to goal.  The Three Way, Rutherford and Gadsden zones come in at 5%.  We have a total of 625 supporters so far.  Thanks to all of you who are helping to spread the word!  Zone Champions rock!

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